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Haier Service Center in Agra-9983916013, 9983916148

Air conditioner, AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Service Repair Center - 09828351602, 9828541640, 7733939011

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Agra Service Centre for (7240157218, 7240157219)in India is one of the leading Company for all Electronic goods like Home appliance, Laptops Cctv camera, Mobile phones, Laptop repairs, Data recovery, It is a big service provider company based in Agra We offer all kind of repair& services for all consumer home products like Air conditioners Haier refrigerators Fridge , microwave ovens, Haier Washing Machines, Geyser and Water heaters ,water purifiers ro systems, cctv camera& security System etc. we provide services for all major brands such as Whirlpool, Voltas, IFB, Samsung, LG, Videocon, Sansui, TCL, O general, Onida, Panasonic, Haier, Kent, eureka forbes, etc. The company has a team of qualified and experienced Field Engineers, highly Technical, efficient coordination executives who are always available at your services promptly. Service requests are responded to within 24 hours and our in-house technical support attempt to pre-diagnose faults in an attempt to satisfy the customer in a single trip.Our technicians are prepared to service almost all major brands of gas and electric home appliances whatever the age or condition. They enjoying serving others and are equipped with the appropriate tools and people skills required to give you V.I.P. service every time. Our goal is to exceed customer's expectations in the appliance repair industry. In these tough economic times we take pride in providing all of our customers with affordable and reliable service. If you are looking service or Repair at your home or business, we work with you to schedule a service call that's as quick and convenient as possible. Once your service call is scheduled, we'll be at your front door on time and ready to work. This is not authorised service Centre Agra. Our repair service centre is fully private multi brand repair service center. We believe in having a responsibility to provide not only a service in repairing your appliance, but providing you with the knowledge and information on how to get optimum performance from your unit, whilst keeping our planet in mind, saving both you and the environment in power and repair costs.

Haier AC Refrigerator Washing Machine Microwave Oven Fridge LED LCD TV Repair Services in Agra-9587565374, 9828351620

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If you are facing a trouble with your Haier product and want to contact out of warranty & private service center then call- (9828541640, 9828541652) and for warranty claims contact directly to the company for service related complaint and warranty issues then you can call the all Agra Haier customer care number 1800 102 9999 chat online here or refer to the information provided above and contact the nearest Haier authorised service center at Agra.

Haier Split Window AC Repair Service Centre in Agra-9587565374, 9828351620

Haier Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Agra-9587565374, 9828351620

Haier LED LCD TV Repair Service Center in Agra-9587565374, 9828351620

Haier Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Agra-9587565374, 9828351620

Haier Washing Machine Repair Service Center in Agra-9587565374, 9828351620

Haier Refrigerator Model Number Service Center in Agra. We Repair All types Appliance Model in Agra. HRB-758SIKGU1, HRB-738BG, HRB - 550CG, HRB-550KG, HRF-622KS, HRF-622KG, HRF-622CG, HRF-619KG, HRF-619KS, HRF-619SS, HRF-619CG, HRB-3654PAG-E, HRB-3654PMG-E, HRB-3654CSG-E, HRB-3654PIS-E, HRB-3404PSG-E, HRB-3404PMG-E, HRB-3404BS-E, HRB-2964PBG-E, HRB-2964PMG-E, HRB-2964PSG-E, HRB-2964CIS-E, HRB-2964BS-E, HRB-2764PBG-E, HRB-2764PMG-E, HRB-2764PSG-E, HRB-2764CRB-E, HRB-2764CKB-E, HRB-2764CIS-E, HRB-2764BKS-E, HRB-2764BS-E, HRF-3674BKS-E, HRF-3304BKS-E, HRF-2984PSG-E, HRF-2984PFG-E, HRF-2984CIS-E, HRF-2984BS-E, HRF-2784PFG-E, HRF-2784PSG-E, HRF-2784PPG-E, HRF-2784CSG-E, HRF-2784CRB-E, HRF-2784CKB-E, HRF-2783CIS-E, HRF-2783BKS-E, HRF-2783BMS-E, HRF-2783BS-E, HRD-2623CIS-E, HRD-2623BKS-E, HRD-2423PIS-E 242L, HRD-2423CIS-E, HRD-2423BKS-E, HRD-2203PSG-E, HRD-2203PMG-E, HRD-2203PWG-E, HRD-2203PRB-E, HRD-2203CSG-E, HRD-2203CRB-E, HRD-2203BS-E, HRD-1954PMG-F, HRD-1954PSG-E, HRD-1954PWG-E, HRD-1954PKB-E, HRD-1954PRB-E, HRD-1954CAG-E, HRD-1954CWG, HRD-1954CSG-E, HRD-1954CRS-E, HRD-1954CKB-E, HRD-1954CTS-E, HRD-1954CDS-E, HRD-1954CBS-E, HRD-1953CPMF-E, HRD-1953CPRF-E, HRD-1953CRS-E, HRD-1953CRF-E, HRD-1953CMF-E, HRD-1953CKS-E, HRD-1953CCR-E, HRD-1923PMG-E, HRD-1923PDG-E, HRD-1923CLG-E, HRD-1923CBG-E, HRD-1923CDG-E, HRD-1922CBS-E, HRD-1922CRL-E, HRD-1922CML-E, HRD-1922CRP-E, HRD-1922BMF-E, HRD-1922BRF-E, HRD-1922BMS-E, HRD-1902PRS-E, HRD-1902CMS-E, HRD-1902CRS-E, HRD-1902BBR-E, HRD-1822BRF-E, HRD-1822BMF-E, HRD-1822BBR-E, HRD-1822BMS-E, HRD-1812BBR-E, HRD-1712BRF-E, HRD-1712BR-E, HRD-1702SR-E, HR-62VS, HRD-1903PRO-E, HRD-1954CPMO-E, HRD-1954CPRO-E, HRD-1954CMO-E, HRD-1954CRO-E, HRD-1813BRO-E, HRD-1903PMO-E, HRD-1813PRO-E, HRD-1953PMO-E, HRD-1953BMO-E, HRD-1903BMO-E, HRF-3304BS-E, HRF-2984PMG-E, HRF-2784PMG-E, HRD-1903BRO-E, HRD-1903BMS-E

Haier Washing Machine Models Number Service Center in Agra

HWD120-B1558, HSW100-261NZP, HWM95-261NZP, HW100-DM14876TNZP, HW80-DM14876TNZP, HW80-BD12756NZP, HW80-IM12826TNZP, HW75-BD12756NZP, HW70-BD12636GNZP, HW70-IM12826TNZP, HW70-IM12636TNZP, HW70-IM10829TNZP, HW65-IM10636TNZP, HW65-10829TNZP, HW60-10636WNZP, HW60-10829NZP, HWM200-678NZP, HWM100-678NZP, HWM85-678GNZP, HSW82-789NZP, HWM78-789NZP, HWM75-678TNZP, HWM75-826NZP, HWM75-707NZP, HWM72-678NZP, HSW72-789NZP, HWM70-698NZP, HWM70-789FNZP, HWM70-826NZP, HWM70-707NZP, HWM65-826NZP, HWM65-707GNZP, HWM65-707NZP, HWM62-707BKNZP , HWM62-707TNZP, HWM62-707NZP, HWM62-707E, HTW200-186S, HTW130-186S, HTW100-178BK, HTW95-178, HTW95-186S, HTW92-178, HTW90-1159, HTW90-1159FL, HTW90-1128BT, HTW85-178, HTW85-186S, HTW85-185BR, HTW82-178BK, HTW82-178, HTW80-1159, HTW80-1128BT, HTW80-185BR, HTW76-1159FW, HTW76-1159BT, HTW75-185BR, HTW72-187BO, HTW70-178BK, HTW70-178, HTW70-186S, HTW65-1187BO, HTW65-1187BT, HTW62-187BO,

Haier LCD LED Model Number Service Center in Agra

LE65S8000EGA, LE65K6600HQGA, LE65U6900HQGA, LE58U6900HQGA, LE55K6600HQGA, LE55U6900HQGA, LE50K6600HQGA, LE50U6900HQGA, LE50F9000UAP, LE49B9200WB, LE43K6600UGA, LE43K6600GA, LE43F9000AP, LE40K6600GA, LE40K6000B, LE32K6600GA, LE32K6500AG, LE32A6500GA, LE32W2000, LE32B9500WB, LE32D4000, LE32D2000, LE32B9000M, LE32K6000B

Air Conditioner Model Number Service Center in Agra


Haier Microwave Models Number Service Center in Agra

HIL2801RBSJ, HIL2810EGCF, HIL2501CBSH, HIL2301CSSH, HIL2301CBSB, HIL2001CSPH, HIL2001CWPH, HIL2001GBPH, HIL2001MWPH We provide best services With trained Technician at very Reasonable Rates, also customers get 100% satisfaction in Agra

Disclaimer - We are not authorised service centre. We are private service provider. We deal only in out of warranty cases. This website and domain name has no relation with Company.

Haier Service Center in Agra

Haier Service Center for all Appliance like AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave, TV LED, LCD in Agra Shastripuram, Shamshabad, Sikandra, Fatehabad, Dayal Bagh, Kamla Nagar, Gwalior, Khandari, NH-2, Agra Bypass, Shahganj, Sikandra-Bodla Rd, Bodla, Pratap Nagar, Kalindi Vihar, Tajnagri, Awadpuri, Vayu Vihar, Vijay Nagar, Raja Mandi, Sadar bazaar, Balkeshwar Colony, Paschim Puri, Mathura Raod, Yamuna Expressway, Agra Bye Pass, Tajganj, Civil Lines, Fatehpur, Bodla Bichpuri, Taj Mahal, New Colony, Pathauli, Sector-16, Agra House Colony, NH-11, Dayal bagh, Tundla, Avadhpuri Colony, Deori, Firozabad, Mau, Kailashpuri, M.G., Idgah Colony, NH-3, Panchimpuri Link, Madhu Nagar, Narain Tower, Ram Bagh, Chanakya puri, Delhi Gate,Ghatia crossing, Sanjay Place, Bajrang Nagar, Kheragarh, Tajnagri Phase –II, Lawyer's Colony, Kaitana, Indirapuram, Vrindavan, Khandar, Maharishi Puram Colony, Balaji Puram, Donoli, Dhanauli, Mantola, Mayapura, Arjun Nagar, Gopal Pura, Rakabganj, Lohamandi, Etmadpur, Belan Ganj, Dayal Bagh, Delhi Gate, Foundry Nagar,Jeoni Mandi, Kamala Nagar, Kamla Nagar, MG, Nehru Nagar, Sanjay Place, Shahganj, Sikandra, Tajganj, Civil Lines, Khandari, Madhu Nagar, Sadar Bazar, Trans Yamuna Colony, Daresi, Hing Ki Mandi, Mantola, Namner, Pratap Pura, Raja ki Mandi, Rakabganj, Shahzadi Mandi, Fatehabad, Mahatma Gandhi, Shaheed Nagar, Taj Nagari, Taj